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9 Monthaversary

We have been super busy the past few weeks. We made the goal to visit all the temples in Utah before we move to New York, and we've made pretty good progress. So far we've been to Manti, Provo, Draper, South Jordan, Oquirrh Mountain, Timpanogos, and we just went to Bountiful. In a couple weeks we are taking a trip down to St. George to go to the temple and maybe camp out while we are there. It's been an awesome experience. We have really enjoyed going and seeing all the temples. They're all so different and beautiful. 

As I mentioned, we just went to the Bountiful temple last weekend. Becky, my awesome sister in law, came with us, and I was really glad she did. The more time I spend with Becky, the more I find out cool stuff about her. 

This past week was mid-term exam week for me. All of my tests went well, even the one that I was worried about. I'm taking Behavioral Neurobiology this term, and it is kicking my butt. Other than that though, I'm loving my clas…


I have been a student at BYU for years now, and not once have I gone to the Museum of Art that is on campus. There have been many exhibits that I have wanted to see at the MOA, but I never had the time  to go or I had some other excuse. I finally decided this spring, as I was making my summer to do list, that I needed to go there before I graduate. So today Clayton and I finally went to the museum. 

The "Sacred Gifts" exhibit was extended for two weeks, giving us the chance to check it out. We first watched a movie about how valuable all the art work is, and what a big deal it is that the pieces were allowed to be borrowed by BYU. Most of them came from Cathedrals in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. They were all depictions of Christ in various stages of his life. We rented ipads, which had summaries, historical context, music soundtracks, and clips of people talking about the significance of each individual painting. It was pretty cool.

At the end we were so inspired by that …

Derek & Sarah Kay's Wedding

It's wedding season, and this weekend two of my best friend's got married. I met Derek when I started working at the library, and we became super close last summer. I met Sarah Kay a couple years ago, and I just always thought she was great. Then I had the genius idea to set them up. Every night after Derek took Sarah Kay on a date, he would call me and we would discuss everything that happened, what/how he felt about her, etc. Then the next day at work we would talk about it again, and I told him over and over, "I can't wait till you guys get married." I knew it was going to happen from the beginning. Well it's almost a year later, and they are now a happily new married couple.

They had their reception the night before their actual wedding, which at first I thought was weird, but then I recognized how nice and convenient it was. No hurry, no fatigue, just partying. They're reception was at the Cedar Hills Vista room. It was so beautiful with the huge wi…

Artisan Bread

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine finally taught me how to make artisan bread. I've known her for years and have begged her to teach me. Her mom learned this recipe from a woman from her husband's mission in Switzerland, and it has been a staple at their house ever since. It is the easiest recipe, and it's so good. Since learning how to make it, I've made it multiple times each week. Clayton eats it like candy, and so it's become a staple for us too.

These two pictures show the "ribbon twist" that I was also taught, but I usually just make small loaves. I like the ribbons more though. They're prettier and you can put things inside them. The top picture shows a ribbon loaf with diced tomatoes, italian seasoning, and mozzarella cheese. The bottom is italian seasoning mixed in with the dough, and butter and garlic on the inside.