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Dog Watching

We're babysitting Gus, the 2 yr old golden doodle who lives down the street, while his family is on vacation. He's a really well trained dog, so we don't mind having him around. He and Abe don't really get along though. Abe is constantly jumping on him trying to play and Gus doesn't like it. Hopefully they can be friends in a year or so when Abe calms down a little. 

Since Clayton has a few exercises he has to do for physical therapy, we've been going to the gym a lot lately. Recently we decided we should wake up early to go to the gym so that it doesn't take up our whole evening every day. I am not a morning person at all. To motivate me Clayton has agreed to do one extra chore of my choosing every day that I wake up at 6:30!  Here he is moping the floor 😊

Annual Pi Day Party

Every year since getting married, Clayton and I have held an annual Pi day party. My family always celebrated Pi day when I was growing up, and I know that Clayton's family loves it- My SIL had a Pi day themed wedding. The weird thing is, everyone that we invite to these parties is always a first time Pi day celebrator. How can they not have celebrated this wonderful holiday their whole lives?!

We had a Pi recitation contest. Clayton thought he had it in the bag because he could recite 28 digits, but then Austin, our OBGYN friend, memorized 56 digits on the way home from work today!  I was really impressed with the kids who got past 3.14 (most of who are not in the picture because they were playing upstairs in our "secret room", aka attic). 4 pepperoni pizza pies + 1 apple pie + 1 homemade pumpkin pie + 1 chocolate satin pie + 1 razzleberry pie + a giant tub of ice cream = a successful Pi party
Lately Clayton and I have been doing a few house projects. Our first project …