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I really enjoy looking back at my blog and reading about the first years of my marriage. It's so fun to see all the pictures and remember the little things that made up our days. After not blogging for the past year and a half, I wish that I had documented some of the things that happened. So here's a brief update on some recent events.

1. We moved to Ohio, and we are loving it. We like Ohio even more than we liked New York, mainly because of all the great friends we've made since moving here and how close we are to my grandparents, who live in Dayton.

2. Clayton made a career change and is now a Financial Advisor at DBK Financial Counsel. He has not regretted it for even a single day. 3. I have been working as a Case Manager for Family and Community Services. I work with parents who have had their children taken away by CPS and are working through a court ordered case plan to get them back. It's a tough job, and I regret it sometimes. 4. We bought a house! A cute littl…