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Clayton's Birthday

For his birthday, Clayton wanted to go to Canada. Since we live so close to the boarder we just drove there after work and got a hotel overlooking Niagara Falls. I have realized that staycations are the best. You don't have to travel, it's not at all stressful, and it is way cheaper.

First we went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where he got a sparkler sundae. He was pretty excited about that. 

Then we went on the Sky Wheel. Each individual cart is enclosed and heated, so it was super cozy up there. We didn't plan it, but right when we were stopped at the top the Friday night fire works over the falls went off. It was perfect.

After the Wheel we hurried back and jumped in the hotel pool and hot tub.
(This was the view from our hotel room.)

The Canada side is definitely better than the American side of Niagara Falls. Happy Birthday, Clayton!!!!