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Whole Foods

Clayton challenged my family to join him for a week of whole food eating. We turned it into a competition. Each person put $5 into the pot and whoever doesn’t cheat on the diet, drinks 8 cups of water, exercises every day, and posts to the competition thread for the longest amount of time wins. Whole Foods was defined for everyone as no processed food, packaged items, or sugar. We created a list of exceptions, like peanut butter, milk, cheese, and butter.
It was harder than I thought it was going to be. Partially because I’m already dairy free (Ruby is lactose sensitive). Over the week we slowly fell off the band wagon, and now it’s between Clayton and Anna. Clayton is pretty committed, so I don’t know how long this is going to last.
(Clayton and Cora enjoying their whole food dinner)

(Me and Cora. I think Cora looks so big in this picture! They’re growing so fast!)
Cora and Ruby are doing great! We’ve begun sleep training them, but not night weaning. I think they need another month or tw…



The Current Schedule

I wanted to write down our schedule so that in a few years, when I wonder how we handled two babies, I can look at this and remember. Granted, our days are not always perfectly timed. Sometimes we have appointments, guests, or places we want to go that will mess up the schedule. And sometimes the girls are more tired, so they sleep a little longer, or more hungry so they wake up a little sooner. But generally we follow this plan.
Every day looks like this: 8:00 am- wake up, change diapers, feed 8:30 am- go downstairs, make breakfast, sit on our deck while we talk to each other  9:30 am- nap 11 am- wake up, change diapers, feed 11:30 am- go downstairs, take Abe for a walk 12:00 pm- Clayton comes home for lunch 12:30 pm- nap 2:00 pm- wake up, change diapers, feed 2:30 pm- either play on the activity mat, or we try to go somewhere  3:30 pm- nap 5:00 pm- wake up, change diapers, feed, Clayton comes home 6ish- sometimes the girls take a 20-45 minutes cat nap 8:00 pm- feed, change diapers, change into pj…


My childhood BFF/college roommate/maid of honor/forever friend Emma came to visit for a long weekend. She flew in on Thursday and left this afternoon. We already miss her. While she was here we hiked, antique shopped, watched a Keeping Up with the Jones’, cooked, baked, held babies, and talked a lot. We had planned to go to the Mansfield Penetentiary, but they don’t allow babies inside because of the lead paint. We also thought of a bunch of other things we should have done but didn’t have time to crunch into the weekend (i.e. Kirkland, outlet shopping, Cleveland markets, Playbouse square, etc.).

We also had my friend Maren and her kids stay the night on Saturday. It was a full house, just the way I like it.
Ruby and Cora really like Emma. Seriously. They thought she was so funny. Emma made Ruby giggle like I’ve never heard before. And, as always, it was so nice having an extra pair of arms around. 

The only down side to having your friend come visit is that when they leave life seems so…

5 Year Anniversary

Our 5th wedding anniversary is this week. We celebrated tonight because we have plans every other night of the week. Our friends Katie and Scott watched Ruby and Cora while we went out to dinner at the Burntwood Tavern.

It’s crazy how fast time flies by. We spent the evening talking about all the fun times we’ve had over the past 5 years, what we want to accomplish in the next 5, and our plans for our backyard. 

The food at the Burntwood Tavern is awesome, and the decor of the restaurant is dreamy. It’s like an industrial, chandelier filled warehouse that overlooks the river. The weather was perfect, so we sat outside on the balcony. I really enjoyed the peaceful ambiance and free hands.

I sure do love Clayton and the life we live. I feel so lucky to have him as my husband. Ever since we had the twins, I’ve felt especially grateful for families and that I get to keep mine forever. Here’s to the past 5 years, and to many, many more!

Weekend in Dayton

Hannah and Sawyer are staying with Nana and Abba in Dayton for a few weeks, so we decided to capitalize on their close proximity and go visit them for the weekend. We love staying at Nana’s house. She always has lots of good food 😉. While we were there we went swimming, watched movies, got hair cuts, shopped, and ate lots of pastries. Nana made some adorable little hand knitted sweaters for Ruby and Cora, and they got new outfits to grow into. They’re already so well dressed. I remember when I was little getting cute little handmade dresses from Nana and grandma Natalie, usually around some holiday. My favorite was a church dress that had snowmen on it, and puff sleeves. So fancy.  We went to the Rusty Bucket, which is my favorite restaurant in Dayton now. They have this amazing salmon that is cooked perfectly. 

When we got home we had a couple of Amazon packages for the girls from Mimi waiting on our porch. It was like Christmas morning. I set up their activity mat, and I was surprised…

Running in the Rain

I challenged all my siblings to a Fitbit step competition (nothing motivates me like a good competition with my sisters and brother), so I took Abe, Cora, and Ruby on a long walk today. The weather app said it wasn’t supposed to rain until 5 pm, but as I was about half way through my walk I saw a giant sheet of rain coming down the street towards me.  I ran under a tree and put the girls stroller hood up. Abe and I got totally soaked, and the girl’s feet were drenched. I’m sure I was a comical sight to the cars driving by, crouching under a tree with my dog and babies. The rain only lasted 10 minutes, but it was a pretty heavy downpour.  When we finally got home, both Cora and Ruby were not happy about having wet feet, and when I picked up Cora her whole seat was soaked. :(  I changed them into dry clothes, fed them, and put them down for a nap. I guess our rainy walk was so exciting that it wore them right out.

Twinsburg Twin Festival

Twinsburg (a town that was founded by twin brothers) holds an annual twin festival. It’s the biggest gathering of twins in the world, and people from all over the world come to Ohio to attend. We happen to live a mere 30 minutes away :).

I was so excited. So were Ruby and Cora, of course. The theme this year was double player games, and many twins chose to dress up in costumes for a costume contest. They had tons of contests actually, like youngest and oldest twins present, most different looking fraternal twins, most identical looking twins, etc.

Last year two sets of twins met at the festival and fell in love. This year they decided to do a double wedding at the festival! We didn’t see them though. 

My favorite part of the whole festival was the twin talent show. Some sets did musical numbers, some recited pottery, there were comedians, and even some dancers. My favorite act was a pair of Irish step dancing twins. 

It was so stinkin’ hot, but well worth it. It was so cool walking around…

Crawley’s Visit

Hannah and Sawyer are in town! We’ve been cooking, watching movies, and hiking, of course. 

Cora and Ruby have been sick for the past few days. It’s just a cold, but man it is rough when babies don’t feel well. It started with Cora, who then passed it to Ruby after a couple of days. Poor little Ruby had a fever, so I called the pediatrician. She told me to give her infant Tylenol and call if her fever doesn’t go away in a day or two. Sawyer and Clayton gave her a blessing that night. She was well and feverless by the next morning. Both girls are doing much better already.

Every time Hannah and I are together we make a batch of pel meni. Sawyer had never had it before, and he reported it being ok. 
Tomorrow is a very big, important day. The Twinsburg Twin festival! I have been looking forward to it since the day we found out we were having twins. I can’t wait!

The Bob

My parents gifted us the ultimate stroller- the Bob. It’s basically an off-roading vehicle. We love it! It cracks me up every time I strap the girls in, because it looks so hardcore for our daily walks. They love the Bob. It’s a great soothing technique if they’re being fussy. I’ve only ran with it once, because it is such a crazy hard workout to run with a stroller. Seriously, it’s like 10 times harder. 

The girls have not been sleeping well. I think it’s a difficult transition for them every time we have guests and then they leave, because they get less one on one holding/cuddling/face time. Also, going to church on Sundays really screws up our nap schedule. C’est la vie.  My life revolves around the girls and their schedules. Feeding schedules, nap schedules, tummy time, etc.

Sister Visit

We have been so lucky to have tons of visitors for the past few months. Who knew all you had to do to get people to come visit Cleveland Ohio is have a couple of babies? This week Becky and Whitney came to stay with us, and it was so fun! (Whitney with Cora)
We spent a lot of time hanging out at the house. Ruby and Cora are on a pretty strict schedule, which includes a lot of naps. That’s ok though, I don’t think anyone minded also taking naps or sitting around talking to each other :).
(Becky with Ruby)
We also spent a good amount of time outside, either on the deck in our back yard or out on a hike. While Clayton was at work one of the days, I took the sisters to one of my favorite hikes called the Ledges.

We also played games, cooked food, went to the library, and enjoyed each other’s company. Whitney weeded our garden and Becky cleaned our house. I couldn’t ask for sweeter sisters! 

We are really going to miss their company. Maybe we’ll have to take a trip out to Utah once Whitney has he…

4 Month Doctor’s Appointment

Look at this girl! I just can’t even handle her goofy face!
Cora and Ruby had their 4 month wellness checkup yesterday. These girls are growing like weeds! They were both just under 12 lbs. and they both grew about 2-2.5 inches since their last appointment.

They are hitting all the 4 month milestones, like smiling, cooing, babbling, bringing their hands together, bringing their hands to their mouths, holding up their heads, rolling from their stomach to their back, tracking objects with their eyes,  and assisted standing and sitting. The one thing they haven’t started to do yet is reach for items. I bet that will happen soon though.

The past couple of nights have been SO hard. They have been taking turns waking up every other hour, so I get to get up every hour. I have always woken up one twin if the other is awake to nurse so that we can avoid being out of sync. Usually I can keep them on the same schedule. Maybe it’s a growth spurt? What happened to all those long stretches of sleep we …

Rubes and Coco

The twins are almost 4 months old. Wow, has it been a crazy roller coaster since the day they were born. I think we’ve finally gotten to the point where we’ve established a good schedule, and for the most part I feel capable to handle everything. The older they get the better it gets. They eat better, they sleep better, they’re more interactive, etc.

This past week Ruby and Cora have started to notice each other. We were getting the girls dressed in cow costumes to go to Chick Fil E for cow appreciation day, and all of a sudden they both locked eyes and started smiling and cooing at each other. It melted my mama heart! Never before had they made eye contact or reacted to each other! I can’t wait until they can play together. 

Cora and Ruby like: The sound you make when you roll your tongue The sit-me-up Being outside Riding in the car The baby carrier Talking face to face
Ruby and Cora dislike: Baths Tummy time (they hate it) When you’re 10 seconds late for feeding them  Being put to bed Getting …