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National Prematurity Day

I have about a million pictures of Cora and Ruby, and I always have the hardest time picking which ones to post when I’m reminiscing. So here’s a bunch of them.
It’s National Prematurity Day. My twins were born at 34 weeks exactly,which means they were about 6 weeks early. Although technically they want you to deliver twins 2 weeks early at 38 weeks anyway, even if you make it to the end. 

I remember when I first held both girls for the first time (well, I don’t actually really remember the first time because I was so drugged up. When I say the first time I mean the first time that I was totally cognizant). I just couldn’t believe how teeny tiny they were. I remember thinking that the word precious had just taken on a whole new meaning to me.

Those were long, hard days in the NICU. The doctors kept pushing back the day that we could go home, and I was going crazy in there. What started out as an estimated 1 week long hospital stay turned into 3 weeks. I watched as other babies came into …


As always, we had a wonderful time at Nana and Abba’s house. The high light was going to the Christmas parade and seeing the Clydesdale horses. It was pretty dang cold, and I was really glad Nana had suggested that we bring the girl’s snowsuits with us. Other than their noses, Ruby and Cora were toasty warm! 

Ruby and Abba became best friends this weekend. I guess he has the magic touch with our little stranger danger gal. 

Dayton! Yay!

We’re hanging out with the grandparents this weekend.  Nana made these awesome beanies for the girls. Now they won’t be able to pull their hats off. 

7 months

Ruby and Cora are 7 months old! We had a pediatricians appointment today. Both girls have gained about 1.5 lbs in the past month, they army crawl, and they grab everything they see. Cora thinks it’s funny to scratch people’s faces with her razor sharp talons, and Ruby thinks it’s funny when you react to pain. Weirdos. 
The best update is that they can now ride in the shopping cart, making grocery shopping 1,000 times easier. I used to wear one in a carrier and put the other one in her car seat in the basket. The one in the basket didn’t like being stuck in her car seat, and I couldn’t fit very many items in the basket. Today’s grocery shopping was much more enjoyable for everyone. 

Cora and Ruby have brought me so much joy and love. Being their mom is my greatest blessing!



Austin, Texas

We loved Austin. It’s such a vibrant city. One of the things that Clayton and I both agree that we don’t like about Akron is how dated and old school it is. Austin was a breath of fresh air with it’s cool culture, new businesses popping up everywhere, and overall forward thinking vibe.  

We stayed with our friends the Clements. We met Kennedy and Wyatt when Wyatt was interning with Goodyear a couple of summers ago. We were instant friends and spent most days that summer together. We’ve kept in touch, and when we found out Clayton was going to be attending a 1.5 day conference for work in Austin, we called them up and planned a whole week with them. It was awesome.
On one of the days we toured the state capital building. It’s a few feet taller than the U.S. capital building in D.C. You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas!

We also made it a priority to try as many of Austin’s most well known restaurants as we could. It. Was. Amazing. The BBQ and Tex-mex were to die for.

My favo…


Man alive! Traveling with babies is so much more work than traveling without them! We flew to Austin, Texas for Clayton’s work trip, and to see our friends. Overall I think we had a pretty good experience with flying for the first time. The girls didn’t seem bothered by the plane or altitude change, they were just sick of being stuck in one spot by the end of the flights. For most of the flights they were happy and easily entertained. We did have a few minutes here or there where Ruby would let out an ear piercing scream, but really airplanes are so loud that it didn’t seem so bad.

We were really lucky and got to sit next to each other on every flight. It made swapping out babies much easier.

We had so much stuff with us, we were like a traveling circus. I felt like everyone was watching us. We were approached at least 10 times by strangers wanting to get a closer look at our twins. 

For the record, I prefer to fly with Delta over Frontier. It was a much more comfortable flight. They hav…


Clayton used to be an assistant coach for the Stow High School boys volleyball team. He really enjoyed it, but he had to sit out this year because it took too much time away from his needy family :). 
While coaching he became pretty good friends with the other coaches, Matt and Sarah. They’re a married couple who spend every free moment doing something volleyball related. I think the fact that I do t play volleyball, or any ball sport, is Clayton’s greatest woe. Matt and Sarah invited Clayton to come out to practice last night. Sarah gifted Cora and Ruby these adorable outfits! We have high hopes for Cora and Ruby’s future volleyball career! I bet twins would make a killer doubles team.

6 months

Cora and Ruby are 6 months old today. Hallelujah! Life with them just keeps getting better and better! They have turned into wiggly, smiling, laughing little things. We sure are in love with them.

This past half of a year has been both the longest and the fastest of my life. The days are long, but the weeks are short. I remember when the girls were just a few days old thinking that 6 months felt so so far away, and now here we are. I’m really excited about the holiday season we are approaching. Holidays are so much more fun with kids. 
(Ruby post bath)
(Cora post bath)
Some fun things about the girls: - they are both rolling all over the place - they sleep on their stomachs  - Cora likes to blow raspberries - Ruby sighs while she’s yawning, and it’s adorable - they love playing with toys - they love FaceTiming - they love watching Abe - Cora lifts her arms when she wants you to pick her up - Ruby arches her back and makes a funny face when she wants to be picked up - they both LOVE when Clayton get…

I’m sick

Since the day Ruby and Cora were born I’ve been dreading the day that I get sick. How do moms do it? How do you take care of your little people when you’re at deaths door (at least what I imagine deaths door to feel like)? Thank goodness I got sick this weekend when Clayton was able to be home and take the girls 90% off my hands. And now that it’s Monday and he’s back at work, I’m miraculously mostly better. 
For your viewing pleasure:
(Ruby on a chilly walk around the neighborhood)
(Cora and crazy eyed Clayton) 

Whole Foods

Clayton challenged my family to join him for a week of whole food eating. We turned it into a competition. Each person put $5 into the pot and whoever doesn’t cheat on the diet, drinks 8 cups of water, exercises every day, and posts to the competition thread for the longest amount of time wins. Whole Foods was defined for everyone as no processed food, packaged items, or sugar. We created a list of exceptions, like peanut butter, milk, cheese, and butter.
It was harder than I thought it was going to be. Partially because I’m already dairy free (Ruby is lactose sensitive). Over the week we slowly fell off the band wagon, and now it’s between Clayton and Anna. Clayton is pretty committed, so I don’t know how long this is going to last.
(Clayton and Cora enjoying their whole food dinner)

(Me and Cora. I think Cora looks so big in this picture! They’re growing so fast!)
Cora and Ruby are doing great! We’ve begun sleep training them, but not night weaning. I think they need another month or tw…



The Current Schedule

I wanted to write down our schedule so that in a few years, when I wonder how we handled two babies, I can look at this and remember. Granted, our days are not always perfectly timed. Sometimes we have appointments, guests, or places we want to go that will mess up the schedule. And sometimes the girls are more tired, so they sleep a little longer, or more hungry so they wake up a little sooner. But generally we follow this plan.
Every day looks like this: 8:00 am- wake up, change diapers, feed 8:30 am- go downstairs, make breakfast, sit on our deck while we talk to each other  9:30 am- nap 11 am- wake up, change diapers, feed 11:30 am- go downstairs, take Abe for a walk 12:00 pm- Clayton comes home for lunch 12:30 pm- nap 2:00 pm- wake up, change diapers, feed 2:30 pm- either play on the activity mat, or we try to go somewhere  3:30 pm- nap 5:00 pm- wake up, change diapers, feed, Clayton comes home 6ish- sometimes the girls take a 20-45 minutes cat nap 8:00 pm- feed, change diapers, change into pj…


My childhood BFF/college roommate/maid of honor/forever friend Emma came to visit for a long weekend. She flew in on Thursday and left this afternoon. We already miss her. While she was here we hiked, antique shopped, watched a Keeping Up with the Jones’, cooked, baked, held babies, and talked a lot. We had planned to go to the Mansfield Penetentiary, but they don’t allow babies inside because of the lead paint. We also thought of a bunch of other things we should have done but didn’t have time to crunch into the weekend (i.e. Kirkland, outlet shopping, Cleveland markets, Playbouse square, etc.).

We also had my friend Maren and her kids stay the night on Saturday. It was a full house, just the way I like it.
Ruby and Cora really like Emma. Seriously. They thought she was so funny. Emma made Ruby giggle like I’ve never heard before. And, as always, it was so nice having an extra pair of arms around. 

The only down side to having your friend come visit is that when they leave life seems so…