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Speaking of couches...

A couple days ago I was gabbing on about couches for our new apartment, not knowing that our landlords (who are awesome in every way (who also happen to be my in-laws)) were buying a new couch for our current apartment! The old one was starting to shed leather on the arms, but I always threw the blanket over it so you couldn't tell.

(Old couch. I actually really liked that couch, it was so comfortable.)

Out with the old, and...

in with the new!

It doesn't fit as well against the wall, but man is it comfortable. I foresee some very nice afternoon naps in the near future. 

6 Month-aversary

I'm allowed to post as many wedding pictures as I want for the first year, right?

Today is our 6 month mark. We usually don't celebrate "month-aversaries", but half a year seemed to be pretty significant. It went by so fast. I kinda wish that we could get married again. I mean, our wedding was awesome and we had such a great time! Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful that I picked such a stellar guy. Marriage is bliss.

Mid Semester

It is officially half way through the winter semester. It went so fast! This week went by incredibly fast! It is boggling my mind. 
Today was my last skiing day. I now know how to classic and skate cross country ski. I've really enjoyed being a part of the Sundance crowd. Their so outdoorsy and cool.

It was so beautiful and clear up there today, I had to take some pictures.

(the inside of the nordic yurt) 

Midterms are in full swing. This week I have three, next week I have two, and every week for the next 5 weeks I have at least 1 test. 
Tomorrow is our biggest basketball game of the year. We are playing Gonzaga, who is currently #1 in our conference. We're #2, and there is a very small chance that we might actually beat them.  I say a very small chance because they are an amazing team, but we're still excited to go.

Also very exciting, we are finding out where we are moving soon!!! ...well hopefully. Our friend Ryland said that someone from Goodyear told him that we sho…

Valentines Date

Happy Valentines Day!

We went to Spicy Tai for Dinner. I have literally been looking forward to it all week. And of course we had to get the coconut mango sticky rice for dessert. 

We then took a two hour long nap (because we are an old married couple now) and then went to Comedy Sportz. It's always a hit. 

Crazy faces... cause we're crazy in love.


We have been busy, busy, busy (as usual). Without going into too much detail, here is what we have been up to:
Skiing is still going great. My plan actually worked, I now really look forward to snow because it means that skiing will be more fun. Clayton has even said that I seem a lot more upbeat this winter than I was last, and I swear it's because I don't feel as cooped up as I usually do when it gets cold. 
We have both had a major sweet tooth lately. Krispy Kreme has been a great outlet. 
Of course we've been going to all of the BYU basketball games. 
This past Friday out ward had a Valentine's party/dance. We weren't planning on going, but we decided last minute that we would drop in for a little while. It was actually really fun. They had an awesome rock band playing and everyone was dancing. It kind of reminded me of the Stake dances I went to as a youth, except that instead of dancing with a lot of priests that I didn't know, I danced with the hunkiest…