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February Shmebruary

Since moving to Ohio we have had some really nice winters. This winter has been awesome. It'll snow heavily and be freezing for a couple weeks, and then it'll flip and be springy for a week. I can deal with the cold when it's accompanied by the sun. February is usually the month where I feel like we need to toss winter out the window and move on to spring, knowing that there are still at least 2 more months of winter ahead. Not my favorite. 

Poor Abe got neutered this month. It was pretty sad. He hated the cone of shame and would just mope around all day with it on. Look at those sad little puppy eyes! The cone only lasted a few days and then his stitches were healed enough that they didn't bother him anymore. The vet said that we should not let him run or jump for at least a week after the surgery. Yeah. Right.

Scott came to visit. This is Clayton wearing his clothes. Clayton thought it was hilarious, Scott wasn't as amused. I thought it was weird. They have the …