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Austin, Texas

We loved Austin. It’s such a vibrant city. One of the things that Clayton and I both agree that we don’t like about Akron is how dated and old school it is. Austin was a breath of fresh air with it’s cool culture, new businesses popping up everywhere, and overall forward thinking vibe.  

We stayed with our friends the Clements. We met Kennedy and Wyatt when Wyatt was interning with Goodyear a couple of summers ago. We were instant friends and spent most days that summer together. We’ve kept in touch, and when we found out Clayton was going to be attending a 1.5 day conference for work in Austin, we called them up and planned a whole week with them. It was awesome.
On one of the days we toured the state capital building. It’s a few feet taller than the U.S. capital building in D.C. You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas!

We also made it a priority to try as many of Austin’s most well known restaurants as we could. It. Was. Amazing. The BBQ and Tex-mex were to die for.

My favo…


Man alive! Traveling with babies is so much more work than traveling without them! We flew to Austin, Texas for Clayton’s work trip, and to see our friends. Overall I think we had a pretty good experience with flying for the first time. The girls didn’t seem bothered by the plane or altitude change, they were just sick of being stuck in one spot by the end of the flights. For most of the flights they were happy and easily entertained. We did have a few minutes here or there where Ruby would let out an ear piercing scream, but really airplanes are so loud that it didn’t seem so bad.

We were really lucky and got to sit next to each other on every flight. It made swapping out babies much easier.

We had so much stuff with us, we were like a traveling circus. I felt like everyone was watching us. We were approached at least 10 times by strangers wanting to get a closer look at our twins. 

For the record, I prefer to fly with Delta over Frontier. It was a much more comfortable flight. They hav…


Clayton used to be an assistant coach for the Stow High School boys volleyball team. He really enjoyed it, but he had to sit out this year because it took too much time away from his needy family :). 
While coaching he became pretty good friends with the other coaches, Matt and Sarah. They’re a married couple who spend every free moment doing something volleyball related. I think the fact that I do t play volleyball, or any ball sport, is Clayton’s greatest woe. Matt and Sarah invited Clayton to come out to practice last night. Sarah gifted Cora and Ruby these adorable outfits! We have high hopes for Cora and Ruby’s future volleyball career! I bet twins would make a killer doubles team.