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Reconstructed ACL

When's the best time to get surgery? January! Because then you hit your deductible, and your health insurance will pay for the rest of the year of physical therapy appointments! Yay!

Clayton tore his ACL playing basketball a couple months ago. After an MRI and a few visits with a specialist, he was told that he would need knee surgery. He was surprisingly cheery about it. The nurses at Cleveland Clinic really liked him, they said they wished that every patient was like him. After he was sanitized and hooked up, the nurse led me to the back to see him before the operation. As we were walking she asked me if Clayton is usually a chatty guy. I said yes, and she said that she thinks he's a little nervous because he is talking everyone's ear off. haha. Sure enough, I go sit down next to him, and he's cracking jokes and babbling about nothing the whole time. In fact, that hyper chattiness didn't die down until 3 days post op. Percocet reaction?

Everything went really we…