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Winter Fall is definitely here. It has been CHILLY. All the leaves decided to fall and make tons of yard work for us to do.

The day it started to get really cold was the day our ducting decided to fall apart. Clayton was downstairs Friday morning when he heard a crash in the basement. He went down there and found that this air duct had fallen from the ceiling. It happened to be wrapped in asbestos tape, which is toxic if inhaled. So I called the home warranty people, who told me that they can fix it really easily... next Monday. I thought we could handle a weekend without heat. Silly me. It was so miserable. I now have a very deep appreciation for my furnace, space heater, heated blanket, down feather comforter, sweat pants, and friends who let me stay at their house instead of my frozen abode. 

(5ish weeks apart- doubled in size)
Abe is doing well. He learned how to ring a bell by the back door to tell us he needs to go to the bathroom. Sometimes he abuses it when he wants to go outs…

Corvettes and Corn Mazes

This weekend we borrowed our friend's Corvette and spent the afternoon cruising through the valley. All of the leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp and cold, and pumpkin spice treats are cluttering our kitchen.

A 70's Corvette Stingray is one of Clayton's dream cars. 

In the evening we went to a corn maze with 4 other families. The little kids LOVE Abe, and he is getting better with them. I think one of our biggest difficulties will be getting Abe used to little kids running, screaming, poking, pulling his hair, etc. We try to socialize him with them often, but it's not every day. Abe is really good at home when it's just us, but when we have people come visit he is all over them and becomes deaf to us. He's getting pretty big. When we first got him we took him to the vet, and they weighed him at 11 lbs. The next week he was 18 lbs. That's a pound gained every day! We haven't weighed him recently but we think he's somewhere in the 20…