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Someone needs to create a blogger app, because downloading pictures from my phone to the computer is annoying (hence the infrequent blog posts).
This month has been a busy one. Work, callings, visitors, a sick dog, and physical therapy have made for quite the schedule. Clayton's physical therapist has finally said that if he keeps doing the exercises they showed him he can start playing sports, as long as he only plays at 80%. We all know there's no such thing as 80% with Clayton. So we've been dutifully going to the gym almost every day to do the prescribed workouts, and Clayton played basketball for the first time last week.
Abe has been a little sick. First he had round worms, because he likes to eat mud. Gross. So we took him to the vet who prescribed him some meds. Then we noticed that the stitches from his neutering got infected. They should have dissolved by now, but apparently sometimes they don't and then they have to pull them out and treat infection. So Abe…