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Thanksgiving and 16th Week Update

We spent Thanksgiving with Nana, Abba, and Uncle Brian. We love driving down there for long weekends or holidays. Abba always has new movies to watch, and Nana keeps a well stocked kitchen. The perfect combination for chilling out all weekend. We ran in the annual Turkey Trot, shopped the Black Friday sales, and ate lots of food.  Abe hurt his leg. We're not exactly sure what happened, but he's been limping for a few days. We have both checked his paw multiple times to make sure he doesn't have a thorn or a cut somewhere, and we can't find anything, and he doesn't react at all when we handle any part of his leg. It's a mystery injury.
Here's a pregnancy update. I found an questionnaire that I thought would be a fun way to keep track of everything.
(This was a candid. I don't usually stand all hunched over, or with my hands on my hips, and the angle is a little wonky. SO this is probably a little exaggerated. But you can see a bump!)

How far along? 17 weeks …