18 Weeks

How far along? 18 weeks, babies are the size of bell peppers

Total weight gain/loss: I'm at 122 now, so we're trucking along I guess

Maternity clothes? Yeppers. stretchy pants all the way. Although I still wear my normal shirts, and they make me look less pregnant.

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Is the worst. I was up from 1-4 last night trying to get comfortable. I even bought one of those giant pillows that wraps all the way around you, but it was too firm. I've got a princess and the pea situation going on. 

Best moment this week: Clayton can now feel them kicking too

Movement: Every day

Food cravings: Anything salty. And carbs.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I'll probably never eat Panda Express again.

Have you started to show yet: Yes. There is no hiding it anymore.

Gender: They're both girls! We are thrilled!

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On, unless I'm working out.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy all the time. I've had a real…

Thanksgiving and 16th Week Update

We spent Thanksgiving with Nana, Abba, and Uncle Brian. We love driving down there for long weekends or holidays. Abba always has new movies to watch, and Nana keeps a well stocked kitchen. The perfect combination for chilling out all weekend. We ran in the annual Turkey Trot, shopped the Black Friday sales, and ate lots of food.  Abe hurt his leg. We're not exactly sure what happened, but he's been limping for a few days. We have both checked his paw multiple times to make sure he doesn't have a thorn or a cut somewhere, and we can't find anything, and he doesn't react at all when we handle any part of his leg. It's a mystery injury.
Here's a pregnancy update. I found an questionnaire that I thought would be a fun way to keep track of everything.
(This was a candid. I don't usually stand all hunched over, or with my hands on my hips, and the angle is a little wonky. SO this is probably a little exaggerated. But you can see a bump!)

How far along? 17 weeks …

Halloween Flashbacks

(2012- Hipsters)

(2013- Cereal boxes)
(2014- we were burglars, but I can't find any proof)

(2015- Gomez and Morticia Adams)
(2016- A witch (and not visible- a penguin))
(2017- Pharaoh and Cleopatra) 

The Twins

Surprise! I'm pregnant! With Twins! We found out that I was pregnant this summer. We had been trying for kind of a long time, so we were super excited just to be pregnant. As far as pregnancy symptoms go I've had it pretty easy. There were a few weeks where I felt a little nauseous and I have been ridiculously tired for a solid month, but for the most part I've been feeling pretty good.  I had my first ultrasound this past week. We went to the office and talked with the tech. She was the same one we had last year when we had a miscarriage, so she was happy to see us again. The tech started waving the wand around on my stomach and then she said, "So last year there was no heart beat, but this time there are TWO!" I about fell off the table.
It was a crazy, surreal moment, and it took a while to sink in. All three of us where crying and laughing as she showed us both babies. They were waving their tiny hands around and doing flips. It was so crazy to see that ther…

Pasta Pasta Pasta

I recently acquired the Kitchen Aid pasta maker, and I was really really excited about trying it out. I have been having visions all afternoon of all the homemade pasta I would make, and how I could package it in cute wrapping to give to my neighbors for Christmas.  Turns out, making pasta dough is kinda tricky. I used the recipe that came in the booklet with the attachments, and the dough kept turning out crumbly. So then I would add water and knead it more, and turned it into this disgusting pile of dry dough with a slimy outside. After starting over and trying again, and then failing again, I tried a different recipe from a blog on Pinterest.  3rd times a charm.

The part where you flatten the dough and then run it through the cutter was pretty easy. The noodles ended up a really nice thickness (as in not too thick, which I have heard is common). Btw, Clayton was my sous chef during this part of the process. It was fun!

The finished product. All in all, the whole process took me se…


I love summer. It's my favorite season.  This year has absolutely flown by. We're busy, busy, busy all the time with trips, friends, family, work, and Abe. I threw a few photos up on here to commemorate some of the moments left on my phone's camera roll before I delete them.

This was at the beginning of summer. Hannah flew to Ohio to visit Nana and Abba, and we drove down to see her. We played at an Escape Room, which was awesome. We had played one game before and failed, but this time we actually succeeded and escaped! Our theme was the Pharaoh's tomb, which included so many hieroglyphics and I don't think a single one of them ended up being a clue. 

Dani had her 30th birthday, and we celebrated with a dance party in Utah. It was a fun reason to get dressed up and see everyone. 

Tatum got baptized (also in Utah, of course). Without meaning to, all of us siblings ended up matching with floral prints. I guess floral is very in right now. 

Clayton and I spent our su…


Someone needs to create a blogger app, because downloading pictures from my phone to the computer is annoying (hence the infrequent blog posts).
This month has been a busy one. Work, callings, visitors, a sick dog, and physical therapy have made for quite the schedule. Clayton's physical therapist has finally said that if he keeps doing the exercises they showed him he can start playing sports, as long as he only plays at 80%. We all know there's no such thing as 80% with Clayton. So we've been dutifully going to the gym almost every day to do the prescribed workouts, and Clayton played basketball for the first time last week.
Abe has been a little sick. First he had round worms, because he likes to eat mud. Gross. So we took him to the vet who prescribed him some meds. Then we noticed that the stitches from his neutering got infected. They should have dissolved by now, but apparently sometimes they don't and then they have to pull them out and treat infection. So Abe…