As we were getting ready for the park yesterday I realized that none of Ruby’s and Cora’s shoes or pants  fit them anymore! It was like they literally grew over night.  So I took them shopping and brought home several shoes, shorts, and swim hats. We are going to Florida this weekend after all, so it was all 100% necessary. When I got home and put the shoes on them I found out that Ruby’s feet are actually a tiny bit smaller than Cora’s. They both wear size 4, but like all baby clothes not all size 4s are the same size. Ruby’s on the smaller end of the 4s and Cora’s on the large end.  I guess we’ll be going back tomorrow to find a pair for Cora. 

The hats on the other hand are fabulous! They will definitely be useful in sunny Florida for my red heads.


We started Easter with an egg hunt in the living room. Clayton filled plastic eggs with Cheerios, and I “hid” them in plain sight. Ruby and Cora like anything that will make a noise when they shake it, so they thought those eggs were fun. As soon as we set them down to search out their eggs they bee lined it to the nearest one, but then they weren’t really interested in finding the rest. So Clayton had to find the other 10 ;)
I don’t usually dress the twins in the same outfits, but it just seems so fitting for holidays. This year they wore these cute springy dresses with flamingos on the front, and Nana knitted them pink cardigans. Every time we wear those cardigans to church we get many, many  complements. We’re so lucky to have such a talented, sweet Nana!
Anyway, this picture of us sitting in the chair is the best one we could get. 

We went to church and then spent the evening at our friend’s house. We were in charge of bringing a potato side dish and a dessert. Clayton said that if I…

A Better Bike Ride

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday. 65 and sunny. We took the girls swimming at the Natatorium, did yard work, and went on a family bike ride. The girls didn’t complain at all about the helmets or the bike trailer, so we were finally able to take it out on its maiden voyage! We gave the girls a few interesting things to hold on to and they were content for a full 20-30 minutes of biking. Success!
I spent quite a bit of time planting rows of foxgloves, Canterbury bells, and violas in my garden. Then I looked at the forecast and saw that it might snow on Monday! All that time and seed wasted! Why didn’t I look at that dumb forecast before planting? I guess I was too excited for the flowers. Oh well. 
I have a friend from high school that just recently announced that he and his wife had triplets. I can’t even imagine. Luckily they live right next to both of their parents and siblings, so I’m sure they will have lots of help and relief. 
Easter is coming up. I love Easter. Eggs hunts, …

Sick Babies

Just when I thought Cora and Ruby were going to make it through a whole flu season without anything worse than a couple of mild colds... Bam! Some kind of plague hit our house. Ruby has gotten it the worse. She’s had a fever for days and spends all her time moaning. All she wants to do is lay her head on my shoulder and be held all day long. Poor poor Ruby. I took her to the doctor today and turns out she has a double ear infection and pink eye. Cora also has a fever, though not as high, and pink eye. She’s in better spirits than Ruby, and I’m hoping that her ears stay healthy. 
Today they cried and cried as I tried everything I could think of to help them. Finally I just stuck them in the stroller and went on a walk around the neighborhood. The crying stopped the second we went outside and they fell asleep shortly after. I didn’t want to break the spell until Clayton got home, so we walked for almost 2 hours. It was a lovely, quiet marathon.

1 Year Old

Cora and Ruby are 1! I can’t believe it! Last time I checked they were just little babies, and now they’re basically toddlers. They learned how to walk over the weekend. Granted, it’s a Frankenstein style still, but it is walking none the less. We had a llama fiesta on their birthday. It turned out fabulous. What wonderful, creative, enthusiastic lady put on such a great first birthday party? 😉 There was mariachi music, pin the tail on the donkey, a llama piñata, a top notch taco bar, fancy llama sugar cookies, some amazing cakes, a slide show with pictures of the girls throughout their first year, a giant llama balloon that walked around, flags, chalk board art, and of course festive outfits for the whole family. Phew! Like I said, it was quite the party.  It was mostly great because of all the people who came to celebrate with us. My mom and Rob flew in from Orlando, Dani traveled from Utah, my Nana, Abba, and Uncle Brain drove up from Dayton, and then we had the Bergsten’s, the Par…

Life Lately

Last week we had our first babysitter, closely followed by our second. It was awesome! Tuesday night we went out to see Captain Marvel. We asked a laurel in our ward to come “babysit”, though the girls were already in bed so all she had to do was sit on the couch for a couple of hours. Easy job. She was nervous though. In the end it went perfectly. No one woke up, and she was fine. 
We were planning on having a Pi day party on Thursday, but we canceled it because I caught the flu. Big bummer. Clayton stayed home to take care of the ladies on Friday, and by Saturday I was completely better. 
Saturday we had our second babysitter. A sister in the ward has told us every week during church for months that we need to have her babysit, so we decided to take her up on her offer. Clayton and I have been in the process of getting our concealed carrying licenses. The last part of it was two hours of gun range instruction. It went well, and we finished the course.
Sunday I woke up and felt absolute…

Not Looking Forward To Daylight Savings

Can we just get rid of daylight savings already? Who benefits from it? Definitely not babies who are on schedules. I’ve been slowly trying to adjust Ruby’s and Cora’s nap times and bed time, but it’s not going well. We might just be a hot mess for the next week or two. 
We woke up this morning to a loud buzzing sound coming from our furnace and a burning rubber smell. I was worried it was time to replace our super old furnace, but luckily it just needs a new motor. 
We took the girls to the pool today. Neither one of them is fond of water. It took a long time for them to enjoy baths, and even now they only like short ones. However, I’m determined that no daughter of mine will be afraid of water. I took swimming lessons my whole life, I was on the swim team in high school, my friends and I spent every single summer day swimming in our backyard from sun up til sun down, and even today the smell of chlorine is an instant mood lifter for me. So of course I want them to love the water too. I…