Someone needs to create a blogger app, because downloading pictures from my phone to the computer is annoying (hence the infrequent blog posts).
This month has been a busy one. Work, callings, visitors, a sick dog, and physical therapy have made for quite the schedule. Clayton's physical therapist has finally said that if he keeps doing the exercises they showed him he can start playing sports, as long as he only plays at 80%. We all know there's no such thing as 80% with Clayton. So we've been dutifully going to the gym almost every day to do the prescribed workouts, and Clayton played basketball for the first time last week.
Abe has been a little sick. First he had round worms, because he likes to eat mud. Gross. So we took him to the vet who prescribed him some meds. Then we noticed that the stitches from his neutering got infected. They should have dissolved by now, but apparently sometimes they don't and then they have to pull them out and treat infection. So Abe…

Dog Watching

We're babysitting Gus, the 2 yr old golden doodle who lives down the street, while his family is on vacation. He's a really well trained dog, so we don't mind having him around. He and Abe don't really get along though. Abe is constantly jumping on him trying to play and Gus doesn't like it. Hopefully they can be friends in a year or so when Abe calms down a little. 

Since Clayton has a few exercises he has to do for physical therapy, we've been going to the gym a lot lately. Recently we decided we should wake up early to go to the gym so that it doesn't take up our whole evening every day. I am not a morning person at all. To motivate me Clayton has agreed to do one extra chore of my choosing every day that I wake up at 6:30!  Here he is moping the floor 😊

Annual Pi Day Party

Every year since getting married, Clayton and I have held an annual Pi day party. My family always celebrated Pi day when I was growing up, and I know that Clayton's family loves it- My SIL had a Pi day themed wedding. The weird thing is, everyone that we invite to these parties is always a first time Pi day celebrator. How can they not have celebrated this wonderful holiday their whole lives?!

We had a Pi recitation contest. Clayton thought he had it in the bag because he could recite 28 digits, but then Austin, our OBGYN friend, memorized 56 digits on the way home from work today!  I was really impressed with the kids who got past 3.14 (most of who are not in the picture because they were playing upstairs in our "secret room", aka attic). 4 pepperoni pizza pies + 1 apple pie + 1 homemade pumpkin pie + 1 chocolate satin pie + 1 razzleberry pie + a giant tub of ice cream = a successful Pi party
Lately Clayton and I have been doing a few house projects. Our first project …

February Shmebruary

Since moving to Ohio we have had some really nice winters. This winter has been awesome. It'll snow heavily and be freezing for a couple weeks, and then it'll flip and be springy for a week. I can deal with the cold when it's accompanied by the sun. February is usually the month where I feel like we need to toss winter out the window and move on to spring, knowing that there are still at least 2 more months of winter ahead. Not my favorite. 

Poor Abe got neutered this month. It was pretty sad. He hated the cone of shame and would just mope around all day with it on. Look at those sad little puppy eyes! The cone only lasted a few days and then his stitches were healed enough that they didn't bother him anymore. The vet said that we should not let him run or jump for at least a week after the surgery. Yeah. Right.

Scott came to visit. This is Clayton wearing his clothes. Clayton thought it was hilarious, Scott wasn't as amused. I thought it was weird. They have the …

Reconstructed ACL

When's the best time to get surgery? January! Because then you hit your deductible, and your health insurance will pay for the rest of the year of physical therapy appointments! Yay!

Clayton tore his ACL playing basketball a couple months ago. After an MRI and a few visits with a specialist, he was told that he would need knee surgery. He was surprisingly cheery about it. The nurses at Cleveland Clinic really liked him, they said they wished that every patient was like him. After he was sanitized and hooked up, the nurse led me to the back to see him before the operation. As we were walking she asked me if Clayton is usually a chatty guy. I said yes, and she said that she thinks he's a little nervous because he is talking everyone's ear off. haha. Sure enough, I go sit down next to him, and he's cracking jokes and babbling about nothing the whole time. In fact, that hyper chattiness didn't die down until 3 days post op. Percocet reaction?

Everything went really we…


Winter Fall is definitely here. It has been CHILLY. All the leaves decided to fall and make tons of yard work for us to do.

The day it started to get really cold was the day our ducting decided to fall apart. Clayton was downstairs Friday morning when he heard a crash in the basement. He went down there and found that this air duct had fallen from the ceiling. It happened to be wrapped in asbestos tape, which is toxic if inhaled. So I called the home warranty people, who told me that they can fix it really easily... next Monday. I thought we could handle a weekend without heat. Silly me. It was so miserable. I now have a very deep appreciation for my furnace, space heater, heated blanket, down feather comforter, sweat pants, and friends who let me stay at their house instead of my frozen abode. 

(5ish weeks apart- doubled in size)
Abe is doing well. He learned how to ring a bell by the back door to tell us he needs to go to the bathroom. Sometimes he abuses it when he wants to go outs…

Corvettes and Corn Mazes

This weekend we borrowed our friend's Corvette and spent the afternoon cruising through the valley. All of the leaves are changing color, the air is getting crisp and cold, and pumpkin spice treats are cluttering our kitchen.

A 70's Corvette Stingray is one of Clayton's dream cars. 

In the evening we went to a corn maze with 4 other families. The little kids LOVE Abe, and he is getting better with them. I think one of our biggest difficulties will be getting Abe used to little kids running, screaming, poking, pulling his hair, etc. We try to socialize him with them often, but it's not every day. Abe is really good at home when it's just us, but when we have people come visit he is all over them and becomes deaf to us. He's getting pretty big. When we first got him we took him to the vet, and they weighed him at 11 lbs. The next week he was 18 lbs. That's a pound gained every day! We haven't weighed him recently but we think he's somewhere in the 20…