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National Wing Festival

This weekend was the National Buffalo Wing Festival, and of course we went to it. It was held in the middle of the downtown at a baseball stadium. According to the announcer, people had traveled from almost every state and over 30 countries to come to the festival. It was huge. 

One of the main events was the food eating contest. All the contestants had to eat a 5 pound sandwich. The winner finish his in under 4 minutes. It was coolish, but mostly just gross. I'm pretty sure most of them found a way to unhinge their jaws and just shove food down their throats with very little chewing. To be honest, I couldn't watch the whole time. 

There were many other events and shows going on, but we went there mainly for the wings. There were tons of tens along the edges of the stadium all selling different wings. We tried about 20ish wings total, including the Arizona ranch sauce wing, the french toast wing, the garlic parmesan wing, some super spicy one, and many more. 

And here is a ra…

Buffalo, NY

Can I just say how much I already love Buffalo? I have been here a week so far, and it has been a total party! There is always something going on, whether it's concerts, festivals, friends, dates, whatever. Just this weekend we went to the Irish festival, the Art festival, and it was our anniversary. 
The Irish festival was on Friday. It was down on Canal side in the middle of the city. I think that most people went for the flowing booze, but we had an awesome time trying out the food and watching the entertainment. We tried two dishes, "bangers and mash" and "lamb stew". I think that my favorite part, aside from all of the irish singers that were performing all night, was the celtic dancers. 

Saturday was our anniversary. I can't believe it's already been a year. I still feel like a newlywed. Clayton felt bad that he had to go into work for a few hours that morning, but I slept in late anyways so I didn't mind one bit. We had planned on going to N…

BYU Grad

Well, I feel like I owe an explanation as to why I have been AWOL on the blog for the past 6ish weeks. The last month of college was insane. Clayton had already left for New York to start his job, my family was in town, finals were a train wreck, and I just had a lot going on. I can pretty much sum up that entire time period into 4 main bullet points:
I moved in with an awesome girl named Jenna so that I wouldn't have to live alone.I still have dreams about being late to take a final exam, or missing one entirely.I graduated from BYU (pat on back).I spent a lot of time with family and friends before jetting off. (Me and Jenna B.)
(some friends from my department)
(fam just before graduation)

I had mixed feelings upon leaving Provo. I had some awesome years there going to school, making tons of friends, meeting my husband, being close to my sisters, etc, so I was a little sad to leave behind my stomping grounds. On the other hand I was wildly excited to get back to Clayton in New Y…