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Holi Color Festival

Every year there is a color festival at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. Everyone buys colorful chalk and throws it in the air and at people. It's really dirty and really fun. We went with Dani and Andrea this year.

After the festival we went home to take showers. All the chalk in our hair made the water super colorful, and was really annoying to try to clean off.  After sticking all our clothes in the laundry and cleaning up all the remnants of color, we went out to eat. I felt like one spoiled girl. Hanging out with family all morning, going out to eat lunch, what more could you want? We went to Burgers Supreme (which is one of my FAVORITE burger spots) and then stopped at Great Harvest afterward. I had never been to Great Harvest, and I can't believe I've been missing out this whole time! I tried their coconut creme bread, and loved it. They also had these giant sugar cookies. I'd say they were probably better than any other cookie I've ever eaten. 

I had wo…

New shoes

Spring is in the air, and I have new kicks.

Happy Sunday

Tonight we went to the Johnson's for dinner. I just love hanging out over there. Even though they only live 30 minutes away, it just has a completely different feel from Provo. I find it so easy to relax and not think about all the school work I still have to do.
After dinner we played games, including ultimate frisbee. Turns out Clayton and I aren't such a bad team, because we totally creamed the parents. :)

Clayton also made up this game where he throws pot holders at an orange placed on someones head. It was a hit. Kathy was just as good as Clayton at it, but we didn't get a video of her throwing the hot pads. Next time.

Pi Day

March 14th is a great day. For one thing it's pi day. Which is one of the best random excuses for having friends over for pie that I've ever heard of. I invited four of our friends over for desserts and games, and we had a blast!

Clayton and I watched Jimmy Fallon play pictionary on his new late night show, and it made us really want to play it. We didn't have any official pictionary anything, so we just taped a poster board on the wall, stole the sand timer from another game board, and used our catch phrase game as a word bank. I know, it was creative. 
We also played many rounds of banana grams and catch phrase.

Aside from pi day, it was also Emma's birthday!!! I've always loved that her birthday was on the 14th of March, and mine was on the 14th of December.  We tried to have a skype date, but the timing was a little off, so we'll have to try again later this weekend. Happy Birthday Emma! I love you! Here is a collage of photos of us over the past 13ish yea…

Sleep Time

I downloaded this app last night called Sleep Time. Supposedly it tracks your REM cycles while you're sleeping, and when you're in your lightest sleep phase in the morning it wakes you up. I've heard a lot about apps like it, and they seem to get pretty good reviews. So last night I tried it.

Who knows if it's legit or not, but if it is, then I'm not sleeping very well. Or maybe 78% efficiency is a good thing? I don't know. What's the point in having the data if they don't tell you what it means?

Chicken Penne Bake

We haven't been very good with cooking lately, but tonight we had time so we made chicken penne bake. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say that it's a 7. Easy, relatively quick, and pretty good. Added bonus: it made a lot, so there are tons of left overs.

1 box wheat penne pasta 2 chicken breasts 6 oz fresh baby spinach leaves 1 tsp basil 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp rosemary 1 jar tomato sauce 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

And BYU creamery ice cream for dessert! (all our bowls are in the dish washer)


I can officially cross something off of my bucket list. It sounds a little silly, but I have been trying to learn how to whistle with my fingers my whole life. I found this how-to online:

It took me a couple days, but I can do it now! Success!