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Why I Love Chili

1. Both Clayton and I really like chili. 2. Chili is relatively inexpensive (really any recipe that consists of mostly of canned food is). 3. It's super easy to make. 4. It makes a lot in one batch, so we can have left overs for days or have company over. 5. Like cheesecake or lasagna, in my opinion, chili is better the second day. 6. You can make so many different kinds of chili just by substituting or adding ingredients that you can make it every month and it will never get old.  7. If you do happen to get tired of it, you can eat it in tons of different ways. You can put it over baked potatoes, mix it in salad and add cheese and you have taco salad, put it in a tortilla and add cheese and you have a taco, etc. 8. Especially in the cool fall days or frigid winter nights, chili warms your body from the inside out. 9. It clears out your sinuses if you're catching a cold or suffering from allergies. Especially if you add blended chili peppers.  10. Did I mention that both Clay…

Funny Things About Marriage

Clayton and I have been married for two weeks now. I know, we're pretty much experts. Despite our newbe status, we've learned a lot about each other over the past two weeks of living together that we didn't already know from the past two years of knowing each other. For example, when loading the dishwasher I always point the silverware up so that the part that you actually eat from gets clean. The first time Clayton loaded our dishwasher he pointed them down and we had to wash them by hand after because there was still food stuck on them. Also, I had no idea that Clayton has a preference as to which way the toilet paper roll rolls. When I replaced the roll I put it in "backwards" so that the paper rolls under the roll. These are just a couple of the things we have discovered about each other recently.