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Katie & Drew's Wedding

This weekend my good friend Katie got married to this awesome dude. Their wedding was so pretty. It was probably my favorite wedding that I've ever been to. It was held at Hobble Creek Lodge in Springville, which means that you drive through a gorgeous canyon to get there. Their decorations had a hipster/organic vibe, the live band was light Indy Rock, and the food was to die for. Awesome. 

Katie and I met when I started working in the Library. She was in the Lending department, and I was in Inter Library Loan. We both switch jobs to the Circulation desk and worked together. Let me tell you, hours of working in the Library, especially on the weekends, calls for a LOT of talking and close friendships. We found out that we had a lot in common, including the fact that she too is a Psych major. Instant bonding.

Originally the reception was going to be partially outside, but it was freezing and raining, so we all crammed inside. 

We had a great time. I love weddings. 

The Graduate

Today was graduation day for Clayton. Man am I jealous.  We started the day off slow. Clayton had been sick all night so we slept in and asked his buds to come give him a blessing. Then we went on campus and took a few grad pics of all of them together. Clayton has been really lucky to have such awesome friends and roommates his whole college career. We love them. 

We then spent the afternoon at our friend Sarah Kay's house. She promised to teach me to make her famous artisan bread before she and her soon-to-be hubby leave for New York. As soon as we came home Clayton had to leave to get ready for the ceremony. Dani and the girls came over to drop him off an awesome graduation gift. They're so awesome.
I met up with the Johnson's at the Marriot center, and the speeches began. The Marriot Business School had a LOT of students graduating (around 1,000 I think), so the name calling and walking took a long time. 

We took some family pictures afterward, and then went to Zupa&#…

Finals and Food Poisoning

Is there any better combo? We're pretty lucky that they didn't happen at the same time though. Both Clayton and I are sick to our stomaches. We're not even sure where it came from. It could have been the eggs I made this morning, or the food at Applebee's last night. Who knows. Actually, I think it started a few days ago. We had bought donuts to celebrate the end of finals, and later that evening I was so nauseous and sick. Clayton started feeling the same way earlier this morning, and it got worse for him as the day went on. We had planned to go out with some friends for dinner, and right in the middle of dinner I had a wave of nausea. My stomach was churning, I could feel my face pale and start to get clammy. So I stood up and said I need to go home NOW. Everyone just looked at me with weird looks, I think I scared them a little. Now we are just laying low, watching Modern Family, and drinking water. Hopefully it passes by tomorrow.... Clayton's graduation is at …

Sister Time

Last night Clayton went to Ryland's bachelor party. While he was gone I went out with my sister, Sierra. Sierra is awesome. Her roommate was performing with the UVU women's choir, so we went with a couple of her friends to support Marylynn. Both the men's chorus and the women's chorus performed, and they were both really good. Not as good as BYU's choir though ;). 

After the concert Sierra and I went to her other friend's apartment to hang out. We ended up grilling deer, streaks, brats, and some amazing chicken. We played darts, looked at this guy's giant gun that had a 25 revolver attached to it, drank a bunch of energy drinks, and had a Fast and Furious style feast. It was a manly night.  One of the guys owns a dragon lizard, named Richard. I usually avoid reptiles of all types, but Richard was really cool. His stomach was really soft, which I wasn't expecting when I picked him up, he runs really fast, and his favorite food is celery. 

I left around …

Exciting Stuff

This past weekend was pretty cool. On Saturday Tommy got baptized. It was a really nice morning, and we loved being there with the family to support Tommy. He is such an awesome kid.
(I stole this pic from my sister in law. Thanks Becky!)
After the baptism we went to see Captain America with Scott, Kathy, Whitney, and Adolfo. It. Was. Awesome. There was so much action and fighting, and Captain America definitely has improved on his fighting skills. I loved it. I loved the first Cap America movie, and this one was 10x better. Side note: I've always had a crush on Chris Evans (he's got that old-fashioned thing going for him), but we watched his interview on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, and now I just think he's a weirdo. Not that he said anything bad or inappropriate, he was just kind of strange. 
Also, we finally found out where we are moving to! A few weeks ago we heard that there were three plants that they were going choose from to send us to: Lawton, OK, Tope…

Transformation Tuesday

Clayton cut his hair. It was becoming a little too unmanageable for him (meaning he has to do more to it than shower). This actually happened on Saturday, but I didn't take an after picture until today. 

During the cut:


What a handsome husband I have! There is something about a fresh hair cut that is just so appealing. Every time we go get Clayton's hair cut, I want to cut mine too. Just chop it off.

Side note: there were llamas on campus today. 


For my Doctrine and Covenants class I had to create a poster with a gospel principle on it. I also had to post it to some kind of social media, thus it is now on the blog. 
Here it is: