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Cleveland, Ohio

We didn't get to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family, but we did get to see them this weekend. My family was in Ohio visiting our grandparents, so we decided to meet halfway between Miamisburg and Buffalo in Cleveland.
First stop was the A Christmas Story house. It was super cool to walk on the set, and it put me in the Christmas mood.

People pinned where they came from on a map. There were so many pins on the northeast side of the country that you couldn't even fit another pin in there.

Next we went to the West Side Market. It reminded me of the market places in Romania. We bought a big bag of corn, a bucket of fruit, and several awesome desserts.

Which we promptly ate picnic style.

Clayton and I recently bought a fancy shmancy camera with the intention of documenting our lives in higher quality. I brought it to Cleveland and made Hannah and my mom models. It was fun! I got tons of great shots of Hannah, and selected a few good ones to share on here.

Lastly we went to…

"Unseasonably Warm"

(This is our friend's backyard. Can you see the swing set in the left corner?)
(This was taken at the beginning of our drive)
This fall in Buffalo has been B-E-A-utiful! The weather was clear and crisp most of the time, the colors of the trees was gorgeous, and it was what everyone was calling "unseasonably warm." I thought that this was all a precursor to a mild winter. But then the lake effect happened yesterday, and it's all gone down hill since then. Yesterday the south towns got 3-7 feet of snow! We have friends that live down there who sent us pictures of their car that was so covered in snow that you could only see the top of it. There was a driving ban, the highways were shut down, and every business and school was closed. Unlucky people who were driving that morning were stuck in their cars for hours, and many still are. There are a couple places that haven't been reached yet by emergency vehicles, and the stuck cars have been stuck there, buried under …