The Twins

Surprise! I'm pregnant! With Twins!
We found out that I was pregnant this summer. We had been trying for kind of a long time, so we were super excited just to be pregnant. As far as pregnancy symptoms go I've had it pretty easy. There were a few weeks where I felt a little nauseous and I have been ridiculously tired for a solid month, but for the most part I've been feeling pretty good. 
I had my first ultrasound this past week. We went to the office and talked with the tech. She was the same one we had last year when we had a miscarriage, so she was happy to see us again. The tech started waving the wand around on my stomach and then she said, "So last year there was no heart beat, but this time there are TWO!"
I about fell off the table.

It was a crazy, surreal moment, and it took a while to sink in. All three of us where crying and laughing as she showed us both babies. They were waving their tiny hands around and doing flips. It was so crazy to see that there is actually something in there! Two of them!
Here they are:

Baby A:

And Baby B:

We talked with the OB about pregnancy things afterward, and then we rushed outside so we could call everyone that we know and spread the news.
It is so fun to tell people that you're pregnant, and then tell them that it's twins. Everyone's reactions have been priceless and ranging from shocked/frozen faces to screaming to crying.
I could not believe it myself and I'd start crying every time I told someone new. 

After a full day of excitement and talking to our whole families and close friends, I finally sat down to process it and do a little google searching. That was a terrible idea, because that's when reality settled in and I realized that I am actually going to have TWO babies. Two tiny, helpless, crying newborns that I will have no idea how to manage. And I have to carry them for the next six months! I was barely mentally prepared for one, and now there are two.
Don't worry though, Clayton was very reassuring and calming. And then when I woke up the next day I was all happy and excited again.

Now I can't wait for next May (or April) so that we can meet them!


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