Abe the Goldendoodle

It finally happened. We finally got a dog. 
He's an 8 weeks old goldendoodle, and we are OBESSED with him. 

He had a hard couple of days adjusting, but he's doing much better now. We're crate training him, which is a challenge. He doesn't hate it anymore, but he definitely doesn't love it either. To house train him we've been taking him outside every couple of hours, even at night, and I think it's been paying off already. He hasn't had an accident in the house for a couple of days now. Yay!

Abe's favorite past time is running around the backyard. He'll run after the soccer ball or tennis balls, but only if you're running after it too. We've gotten a lot of exercise lately. He also has a pink squeaky toy that he likes to play with inside. When it squeaks, he squeaks. I think he thinks it might be another puppy. 
Abe is also a huge cuddle bug. He always wants to be touching some part of either me or Clayton. If I'm sitting on the floor leaning on the couch, he'll wiggle is way between my back and the couch and fall asleep. 

Yesterday I was so worried about crating him for 3 hours while we were at church. My friend who recently crate trained her dog said that they would come home to huge messes in the crate. So I raced home after church and found that he was totally fine, just waiting for me. Later that evening Clayton and I had to go to a meeting for church, so we dropped Abe of at our friend's house. The Millers have 4 kids who have been begging them to get a dog, and when they found out that we got a dog they were begging to play with him. The perfect puppy sitters. Abe loved chasing those kids around the yard and chewing on their toys. 
Last night went pretty well too. We put him in the crate at 10 pm after playing outside for a long time. He woke up at 2 am, so I took him outside to go to the bathroom and then put him right back in his crate. He whined for a few minutes and then fell back asleep. Then he slept all the way until 6 am when Clayton usually wakes up.

On a side note, my radishes are growing really well. I think they're almost ready to harvest.


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